Registered Address: Albion Boiler Works, Albion Street, Castleford. WF10 1QX - Company No: 4720029

+44(0)1977 519191

CBR Engineering Ltd are a versatile innovative engineering company producing products & services to various industries for the UK and the rest of the world. CBR’s services a can be divided into three specific areas:


Design & Manufacture of the Power Generation/Petro-Chemical Industries.

CBR has many years of experience within these industries, designing and manufacturing solutions  for Power Station, and Petrol Chemical & associated industries.


The design & manufacture of heat exchangers, steam/air heaters

& preheater spares is a good illustration of their skills. CBR

Manufacture a range of parts & spares including:

CBR have delivered solutions to most power stations throughout

the UK, as well as countries in the Middle East including  

Saudi Arabia & Jordan.

View our Client List here (pdf)

Design & Manufacture of Timber Treatment Plants.

CBR are a leading builder of timber treatment plants and other

process plant, able to offer a complete turn-key service from initial

design right through to site installation and commissioning, backed

by more than 50 man/years of experience.

General Engineering

CBR carry forward the long tradition of metal fabrication on the Albion Street site, here in Castleford. There have been boilermakers working here since 1866 and those skills and workmanship values are still practised on site today in their most modern fashion.

Supported by the latest computer aided design system (CAD), and complying with CBR’s design, manufacturing, inspection, testing and documentation quality procedure, the company remains at the forefront of development.

CBR's  Quality System now complies with ISO 9001:2008. View our certificate here (pdf)

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For more information on our Timber Treatment Plants and other services, contact us on 01977 519191 or email us.

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